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I started Dog House Blues in 2018 upon my retirement as a police dog trainer. During my police service I spent approximately 25 years either handling or being involved in the training and selection of police dogs.


In 2004 I qualified as a police dog trainer and shortly afterwards took up a role as a full time police dog trainer within a training department. During this period I have trained adult dogs and puppies that have gone on to be operational police dogs.


Prior to retirement I was instrumental in the setting up and running of the Police Puppy Scheme.

My training ethos is based around positive reinforcement. I am Canine First Aid trained, fully insured and have recently completed a Scent work Uk level 1 training course.

Whether you are looking for a Dog Training Classes, 1-2-1 Sessions or a reliable Walker your dog will be in safe hands.



Home Office accredited instructor with over 20 years experience. 

My services


1 TO 1 Dog training

If group Dog Training classes are not for you, if you have specific issues you want to work on or if you've got a new puppy, I offer 1-2-1 Training for owners and their dogs.


I can either come to you or meet you at a secure 1 acre paddock I have use of in Ubley. We can discuss your needs, demonstrate the training that will be undertaken with your dog and then train you to have the necessary skills to get the maximum enjoyment from your dog.

I offer a 20% Discount to customers that have previously attended one of my Training Courses.


£40 per hour session

Scent Detection Courses

I have a police background  of handling and training specialist search dogs. I am  also a Scent Work UK level 1 trainer. 

This course gives owners and their dogs an introduction to scent detection based around training methods I used as an operational police specialist dog handler and trainer. 

You will develop the skills to search, find and indicate the presence of a specific scent in any location. 

Dogs must possess a good ball or food drive and be social around other dogs. This is a great way of mentally stimulating your dog giving you exercises that you can go away and practice at home. There are opportunities to progress from foundation through to bronze, silver and gold levels. 


The course runs over 3 consecutive weeks comprising of three 1.5 hour sessions. 


£75 per owner and dog.

I offer a 10% Discount to customers that have previously attended one of my Training Courses.


Keep a check on my Facebook page for course details and dates. 

Puppy&Adolescent Dog Classes

I have over 25 years experience of training and working operational police dogs, also running the police puppy programme. 

I run Puppy and Adolescent Dog Training Classes from village halls in the Chew Valley Area throughout the year. 

The courses run over five consecutive weeks comprising of five 1 hour sessions. They follow the structure of the Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme and my experience from running the police puppy programme.


The following courses are available with each class containing a maximum of 6 dogs: 

Puppy & Adolescent Foundation

Both courses follow the same structure with comprehensive notes given. The Puppy Foundation Course is for dogs under 6 months and the Adolescent Course is for dogs aged between 6 and 18 months. 


Topics covered:


-Daily examination (Vet ready)


-Marker training a Sit,Down & Drop

-Loose lead walking


-Environmental enrichment


-Health protection 

-Teething and chewing

-Boundary games

I offer a 10% Discount to customers that have previously attended one of my Training Courses.

£80 per owner and dog.

Adolescent Advanced

For dogs aged between 6 and 18 months that have completed the Puppy Foundation or Adolescent Foundation Course. 

In addition to developing the skills learnt on the Foundation Course, we will be working on the following:


-Calming/Self-control games

-Increased duration of stationary positions

-Loose lead walking around distractions and progressing to off-lead

-Recall from distractions

-Environmental enrichment

-Boundary games

-Marker training learning new skills

I offer a 10% Discount to customers that have previously attended one of my Training Courses.

£80 per owner and dog.

Please Check my Facebook Page for details.

Dog Walking

A friendly and professional Dog Walking service based in the Chew Valley area of Bristol .

I offer regular dog walking Monday – Friday 

Your dog will get walked for at least an hour and will never be in a group larger than 3. On returning home your dog will be towelled down and left with fresh water.


I walk dogs of all types within a group walk as long as they are not aggressive towards other dogs or people and each dog will get as much care and attention as if he or she was my own.

The walks are varied to keep things interesting for the dog.

I also have the use of a secure 1 Acre Paddock in Ubley which provide a safe environment for exercise and training.


I can also offer 1-2-1 walks if you require assistance with any training issues or have a dog not suited to group walks in the company of other dogs. 

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